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Hope for Earth's Defenders 0

Hope for Earth’s Defenders

In Latin America, where growing numbers of people die each year taking a stand against violent land seizures and harmful environmental activities, an historic political agreement offers hope for earth’s defenders. It comes too...

The Hemp Boom Begins 2

The Hemp Boom Begins

Now that the federal government has legalized hemp in the United States, a lot of money can be made. In fact, analysts predict sales of one hemp plant derivative in particular—the popular extract known...

Wage War on Corruption 0

War on Corruption

The people of Mexico must fight four wars to save their country, according to some observers. The first is a war on corruption; the second, criminality; the third, poverty; and the fourth, U.S. meddling....

Oaxaca's Corn Growers Return to Their Fields 2

Corn Growers Return

Now that the rains have started falling again in the central valleys of Oaxaca, farmers are returning to their fields. With an end to the drought lasting the entire month of June and into...

Will Oaxaca's corn farmers go north? 2

Will Corn Farmers Go North?

Each year rising temperatures and dwindling water supplies will lead to the failure of increasing numbers of crops on farms across the globe. At a time of de-stabilizing climate change, the people who work...

Whither Cannabis Validation 2

New Cannabis Research

If more patients suffering serious illnesses, from epilepsy to cancer, had access to medicines derived from the cannabis plant, more sick people could control their health. The healing powers of cannabis, more commonly known...