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Grow Hemp Not Corn 0

Growing Hemp Not Corn

To grow hemp plants, row after row of tall, lush plants across terrains of all types, soon may become one of the most important pursuits in America. Starting hemp farms across the nation will...

Joy, Pain, and a New Oven in Oaxaca 0

Joy, Pain, and a New Oven

Francisco Toledo, the famous Mexican painter, is showing off his latest creation. But it’s not a new work of graphic art, for which the artist is known. Rather, it’s an oven, which uses sunlight...

Oaxaca's Corn Growers Return to Their Fields 2

Corn Growers Return

Now that the rains have started falling again in the central valleys of Oaxaca, farmers are returning to their fields. With an end to the drought lasting the entire month of June and into...

Will Oaxaca's corn farmers go north? 2

Will Corn Farmers Go North?

Each year rising temperatures and dwindling water supplies will lead to the failure of increasing numbers of crops on farms across the globe. At a time of de-stabilizing climate change, the people who work...

Let Locals Work Their Land 0

Locals Work Their Land

In Africa, the Chinese have acquired large plots of land to build farms and develop new food sources for a large population back home. Rising demand by Chinese consumers has exceeded the capacity of...

Can Mexico Produce Its Own Food? 3

Can Mexico Produce Its Own Food?

After Americans elected Donald Trump to the United States’ presidency in 2016, Mexicans, it seems, are going to elect their own nationalist president in 2018. Voters in many different countries increasingly are embracing politicians...