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The Hemp Boom Begins 2

The Hemp Boom Begins

Now that the federal government has legalized hemp in the United States, a lot of money can be made. In fact, analysts predict sales of one hemp plant derivative in particular—the popular extract known...

How Can We Avert Climate Disaster? 0

Averting Climate Disaster

Leaders around the world can’t even agree on the findings of climate reports they request. Some welcome the findings; others acknowledge them but refuse to take action. The latest example of a failure to...

Whither Cannabis Validation 2

New Cannabis Research

If more patients suffering serious illnesses, from epilepsy to cancer, had access to medicines derived from the cannabis plant, more sick people could control their health. The healing powers of cannabis, more commonly known...

Man from Congo 0

Cancer Killer for All

Causes of cancer are well known by now: Genes determine risk factors, but lifestyle choices, especially decisions about food and drink, typically are the deciding factors. The choices which lead to good health are...