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Hope for Earth's Defenders 0

Hope for Earth’s Defenders

In Latin America, where growing numbers of people die each year taking a stand against violent land seizures and harmful environmental activities, an historic political agreement offers hope for earth’s defenders. It comes too...

How Can We Avert Climate Disaster? 0

Averting Climate Disaster

Leaders around the world can’t even agree on the findings of climate reports they request. Some welcome the findings; others acknowledge them but refuse to take action. The latest example of a failure to...

Man from Congo 0

Cancer Killer for All

Causes of cancer are well known by now: Genes determine risk factors, but lifestyle choices, especially decisions about food and drink, typically are the deciding factors. The choices which lead to good health are...

Let Locals Work Their Land 0

Locals Work Their Land

In Africa, the Chinese have acquired large plots of land to build farms and develop new food sources for a large population back home. Rising demand by Chinese consumers has exceeded the capacity of...

Where Will the Bombs Hit Next? 0

Where Will the Bombs Hit Next?

Rain bombs are coming, and they’ll hit land with not only more frequency but more force. Officially labeled wet microbursts, the highly intense and destructive blasts of water will strike communities which are completely...

Inequality Dooms Us All 0

Inequality Dooms Us All

How much more money do billionaires need to be happy? The patterns of behavior in the global economy are disturbing. Those who manipulate the economy are helping themselves to more wealth all the time...