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How to understand the prospects for labor reform in Vietnam 0

Labor Reform in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the workers who toil in the factories driving the nation’s rapid economic ascent belong to a single labor union: Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, or VGCL. As the only labor union in...

How to understand Vietnam and the illicit animal trade 0

Vietnam’s Illicit Animal Trade

A taste for rare and exotic animals and a desire to flaunt newfound wealth have transformed Vietnam into the world’s largest trafficking hub for rhinoceros horn. Despite global protections the rhinoceros, which scientists classify...

How FDI fuels vietnam's modernization 0

Foreign Investment in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the most direct route to modernization is tried and true: using other people’s money to build new factories and roads. Communist leaders are soliciting foreign direct investment (FDI) to transform the Southeast...

How to understand developments in Vietnam's first metro system 0

Vietnam’s Metro Is Off Track

Vietnam’s leaders have high hopes for their first metro system. It would improve living conditions for inhabitants of their largest city. Costs related to traffic gridlock in Ho Chi Minh City reach $800 million each year,...