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Japan, Australia, the United States, and India versus China in Asia 0

The Quad and China

A new alliance is forming in Asia to offer an alternative to the massive infrastructure development initiative, known as One Belt, One Road, pushed by China’s leader, Xi Jinping, for the past two years....

Shinzo Abe Wants to Strike Kim Jong-Un First 0

Shinzo Abe Gets Ready for War

Shinzo Abe won’t stand by and allow Kim Jong-un to fire missiles over Japan any longer. The 62-year-old prime minister of Japan is using the threat of a missile strike from North Korea to...

Japan and India vs. China 0

Japan, India, and China

The leaders of Japan and India are determined not to allow Xi Jinping of China to dominate Asia. Shinzo Abe in Tokyo and Narendra Modi in New Delhi are joining forces to oppose the...

How to understand Japan's investments in Africa 1

Japan’s Investments in Africa

Japan’s investments in Africa are rising fast. No longer can the Japanese avoid spending large sums on new ports, railways, and roads on the world’s second largest continent. They are competing with the Chinese,...