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Two Women in Vietnam Are Praying 0

From out of the Trees

Sweet chestnut trees loomed overhead as Sylvere moved along a narrow, stone pathway in the direction of a stone bench. To the west, above the waters of the Atlantic, the sun already had begun...

Boy in Embroidered Shirt and Pants 0

Chérubin at Hotel Rastelli

Knock. Knock. Knock. Then came a voice. “Sylvere.” The voice sounded again. “Sylvere.” He opened his eyes. The voice came from the other side of the closed sliding-glass door. Sylvere was awake now. The...

Woman in Market in Africa 0

The Woman from Angola

Turning toward an open door to a small office at the foot of a wide staircase, the Flemish woman disappeared into the office without warning. Equally quickly, a very young, maybe 19 or 20...

Man from Congo 0

The Man from Congo

The silence hanging over the table was heavy, but Sylvere, finishing the food on his plate, was unconcerned. He was just a man enjoying a nice meal in a nice restaurant. The other three...

Inside Subway Car on Way to Lunch 0

Lunch at L’inizio in Leuven

The streaking black car on the pale highway crossed a field of clover before braking hard on the outskirts of Leuven, a medieval city of cathedrals and over-sized burghers’ houses, where Chérubin and Sylvere...