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Rain Down on Guet N'Dar 0

Chapter 3: No Rain Falling in St. Louis

It was already too hot. Moving south across N’Dar Island, Lomax stopped, removed his cell phone from a pocket of his photographer’s vest, and checked the temperature: 29°C. I stopped next to him and...

Two Fishermen Unloading Their Catch and Polishing Their Gold 3

Chapter 1: Esby and Lomax in St. Louis

When a few minutes before 3:00pm, our driver, Joseph, who had said little since we left Dakar, drove us into Saint Louis, not far from the border with Mauritania, I felt my anxiety rise....

Departure from Dakar—Under Cover of Night 0

Under Cover of Night

Rain falls. Gustavo can hear it. The drops pound the glass of the bar’s lone window, closed to the black night beyond. But what happens here no longer matters to him. He is leaving....

Outside the Terminal 1

In Plain Sight: Dakar

I had been on longer flights. But this one was particularly uncomfortable. Lomax, my younger brother, didn’t fare much better on the plane, but he could brush it off faster because he liked to...