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Flying to Dublin, Ireland 0

Flying to Dublin

The huge plane seemed to float over the Irish coast and then over the outskirts of Dublin, a beautiful capitol city, at 8:30 AM. It was light outside. The people in the large middle...

Americans Deny Indians Right to Food 0

Food Fight: India and the U.S.

In India, the National Food Security Act, or NFSA, is feeding the poor. Indian officials say the food program saves lives. American officials say it violates agreements made at the World Trade Organization (WTO)....

Xi Jinping's Dirty Air 0

Xi Jinping’s Dirty Air

Xi Jinping can’t put off cleaning up the environment any longer, even if he has to give up economic growth to do it. The 64-year-old ruler of China has a problem. He wants clean...

Chinese Workers Are Faceless 0

Faceless Chinese Workers

If the problems in China’s financial sector are the most serious issues in the nation’s economy today, the problems in its massive factory workforce aren’t far behind. The workforce, composed of almost 300 million...

Xi Jinping Rejects Human Rights 0

Xi Jinping Rejects Human Rights

Xi Jinping and his communist party officials execute more people in China than do government officials in all other nations of the world combined. The researchers at Amnesty International estimate the number of executions...