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Xi Jinping Will Need a Miracle: Fixing China's Economy Won't Be Easy 0

Xi Will Need a Miracle

Xi Jinping will have to pick up the pace of reform after China’s 19th communist party congress concludes this month. If the 64-year-old ruler of the Chinese nation doesn’t find a way to fix...

Xi Jinping Keeps Wary Eye on Kim Jong-un 0

Xi Keeps Wary Eye on Kim

As Xi Jinping gets ready for China’s 19th communist party congress on October 18th, the 64-year-old ruler of the Chinese nation is keeping a wary eye on Kim Jong-un, the 33-year-old dictator of North...

Shinzo Abe Wants to Strike Kim Jong-Un First 0

Shinzo Abe Gets Ready for War

Shinzo Abe won’t stand by and allow Kim Jong-un to fire missiles over Japan any longer. The 62-year-old prime minister of Japan is using the threat of a missile strike from North Korea to...

Japan and India vs. China 0

Japan, India, and China

The leaders of Japan and India are determined not to allow Xi Jinping of China to dominate Asia. Shinzo Abe in Tokyo and Narendra Modi in New Delhi are joining forces to oppose the...

Donald Trump versus Kim Jong-un: Co-existence is possible 0

A New Calculus: North Korea

Co-existence for the United States and North Korea is possible, although, as tensions rise steadily, it does not seem so. Donald Trump, North America’s new president, and a newcomer to politics, repeatedly threatens North...

Korean Unity 0

Korean Unity, Trump Failure

Moon Jae-in, South Korea’s president, insists there will never be another war on the Korean peninsula and warns Donald Trump, the U.S. president, not to make a missile strike against Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s...