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Rain Down on Guet N'Dar 0

Chapter 3: No Rain Falling in St. Louis

It was already too hot. Moving south across N’Dar Island, Lomax stopped, removed his cell phone from a pocket of his photographer’s vest, and checked the temperature: 29°C. I stopped next to him and...

Two Fishermen Unloading Their Catch and Polishing Their Gold 3

Chapter 1: Esby and Lomax in St. Louis

When a few minutes before 3:00pm, our driver, Joseph, who had said little since we left Dakar, drove us into Saint Louis, not far from the border with Mauritania, I felt my anxiety rise....

Hope for Earth's Defenders 0

Hope for Earth’s Defenders

In Latin America, where growing numbers of people die each year taking a stand against violent land seizures and harmful environmental activities, an historic political agreement offers hope for earth’s defenders. It comes too...

Is Oaxaca the Future of Agriculture? 0

Is Oaxaca the Future?

Mexico’s new president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is promoting a series of new socio-economic initiatives in the nation’s southernmost, and poorest, regions during the initial year of his six-year term in office. In states...

Grow Hemp Not Corn 0

Growing Hemp Not Corn

To grow hemp plants, row after row of tall, lush plants across terrains of all types, soon may become one of the most important pursuits in America. Starting hemp farms across the nation will...

The Hemp Boom Begins 2

The Hemp Boom Begins

Now that the federal government has legalized hemp in the United States, a lot of money can be made. In fact, analysts predict sales of one hemp plant derivative in particular—the popular extract known...