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Safety First: CBD Regulation Badly Needed 1

New Health Regulations for CBD

As demand grows fast for products containing CBD, safety concerns, too, are rising quickly. Today shoppers can find cannabidiol, or CBD, one of a class of compounds known as cannabinoids with promising medicinal applications,...

Women Turn to Cannabis for Their Health 0

Women, Cannabis, and Health

More women are using different forms and combinations of cannabis for health reasons, according to recent surveys. One survey, by BDS Analytics, in Boulder, Colorado, reveals that women feel like they can take control...

Will Big Pharma Take Over CBD? 5

Big Pharma Takes Over CBD

A new class of medicines is entering the marketplace. The new medicines not only are more effective than conventional drugs for treating some kinds of illnesses. The new products, based on a compound called...

Can Mexico Produce Its Own Food? 3

Can Mexico Produce Its Own Food?

After Americans elected Donald Trump to the United States’ presidency in 2016, Mexicans, it seems, are going to elect their own nationalist president in 2018. Voters in many different countries increasingly are embracing politicians...

MoMA and the Met in NYC 0

MoMA and the Met in NYC

It was Wednesday, May 2. I had arrived in New York City, or more precisely lower Manhattan, the night before. I got up on Wednesday morning and ate a big breakfast (eggs, sausage, yogurt,...

Japan, Australia, the United States, and India versus China in Asia 0

The Quad and China

A new alliance is forming in Asia to offer an alternative to the massive infrastructure development initiative, known as One Belt, One Road, pushed by China’s leader, Xi Jinping, for the past two years....