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ASEAN Rejects Human Rights 0

ASEAN Rejects Human Rights

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, has never had a reputation for solving problems. Rather, ASEAN, founded in 1967 to meet new economic and political challenges, has always been known for inaction,...

Trump and Malaysia 0

Trump Entertains Another Dictator

In Malaysia, a large sum of money has disappeared from the country’s principal investment fund. All signs point to the man who controls it, Najib Razak, the 64-year-old prime minister of the Southeast Asian...

Xi Jinping in China Backs Hun Sen in Cambodia 0

China Backs Another Dictator

Xi Jinping, the 64-year-old ruler of China, is giving money to Hun Sen, the 65-year-old ruler of Cambodia, at a time when the Cambodian leader is strengthening his grip on power and losing support...