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The Hemp Boom Begins 2

The Hemp Boom Begins

Now that the federal government has legalized hemp in the United States, a lot of money can be made. In fact, analysts predict sales of one hemp plant derivative in particular—the popular extract known...

How Can We Avert Climate Disaster? 0

Averting Climate Disaster

Leaders around the world can’t even agree on the findings of climate reports they request. Some welcome the findings; others acknowledge them but refuse to take action. The latest example of a failure to...

Joy, Pain, and a New Oven in Oaxaca 0

Joy, Pain, and a New Oven

Francisco Toledo, the famous Mexican painter, is showing off his latest creation. But it’s not a new work of graphic art, for which the artist is known. Rather, it’s an oven, which uses sunlight...

Cancer Killer for All 0

Cancer Killer for All

Causes of cancer are well known by now: Genes determine risk factors, but lifestyle choices, especially decisions about food and drink, typically are the deciding factors. The choices which lead to good health are...