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How to understand the game between the U.S. and South Korea and China and North Korea 0

Koreans in the Middle

North Korea’s leaders are desperate for attention, and the leaders of other nations, particularly the United States, are responding. While the dictator Kim Jong-un and his lieutenants in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea,...

How to understand Xi Jinping's power play in China 1

Xi Jinping’s Power Play

China’s communist party officials are jockeying for position in the months before the next party congress in Beijing this October or November. Many of the Asian nation’s decision makers will learn their fates at...

How to understand China's market economy fight 0

China’s Market Play

China’s communist party leaders want recognition as a market economy for their nation, but government officials in other nations, particularly the United States, are opposed. President Xi Jinping and his ministers in Beijing believe...

How to understand the prospects for labor reform in Vietnam 0

Labor Reform in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the workers who toil in the factories driving the nation’s rapid economic ascent belong to a single labor union: Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, or VGCL. As the only labor union in...

New bank raises funds for China's global domination 1

Xi Jinping’s New Bank

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will replace the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, according to Xi Jinping and his colleagues in the Chinese Communist Party. The new bank, known as the AIIB,...

How to understand recent moves by Xi Jinping in China 0

Xi Jinping Gets Serious

Xi Jinping wants more time to execute his plans for China. One analyst, Willy Lam, a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, says, “Like his good friend Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping wants...